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So you’re ready to put your home on the market and to you, everything looks great. Unfortunately, much of

the wear and tear on your home becomes unnoticeable when it is something you see everyday. While you

may not think about the one light switch that doesn’t work or the chipping paint in the guest bedroom, now

is the time to take a step back and look at your home with fresh eyes. When you decide to sell your home,

the first thing you should do is make any repairs you can to save yourself money in the long run. Here are a

few repairs to cross off so you can get the best deal for your home!

1. Paint Your Walls

Re-painting the rooms that need a fresh face is the cheapest way to update the appearance of your home.

Consider using light, neutral colors to appeal to a broader group of buyers. If the room is too dark or has

chipped or dirty paint, make it look brand new with a coat of paint. 

2. Make Minor Kitchen Repairs

Even if your kitchen isn’t large and spacious, a full renovation might not make sense financially. If your

agent doesn’t advise you towards a renovation, consider making minor repairs instead. Paint what needs

painted and install new fixtures where necessary. If your appliances aren’t operating properly or are in

awful shape, you will need to replace them.

3. Update Your Bathroom

The first priority is making sure your bathroom looks clean. If the toilet looks old, replace the seat to give it

a fresh new appearance. Replace any tiles that may be missing, clean the grout, and remove old wallpaper

that may still remain. This is a room you should consider painting if need be to make it appear bright and


4. Fix The Exterior

The outside of your home is the first thing buyers will see, so it is important that it looks good. Touch up

the yard with sod as needed, remove any junk that may be in the yard, and make sure your fencing doesn’t

have any missing parts or boards. Mow your grass and consider renting a power washer to make your

siding look brand new. 

5. Maximize Lighting

The goal is to maximize light so you can maximize the appearance of space. Light does a great job of

making rooms look larger than they are. Update your fixtures, ensure that your windows appear clean and

new, and add mirrors across from light sources to reflect even more light. 

6. Ensure Functionality

Potential buyers are going to want everything to work. Do a full walk through of your home, checking all

light switches, doorknobs, and locks. Repair or replace anything that doesn't work as it should. The less

issues that arise during the buyer's home inspection, the better chance of you maximizing your profit during

the sale.

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