Why Keller Williams

With strong sales backgrounds prior to real estate, Kimberly and Janet have had
the privilege to work for many TOP rated companies. With that being said, before
moving to Keller Williams, we knew we had to research the best of the best in real
estate loved the Entrepreneurial Style KW had to offer us. Allowing us to work as
our own TEAM with our own individual styles, and being supported by the #1 Real
Estate Company in the World.

There is a saying, “if you are one of the leading sales people in the room, you may be
in the wrong, room!” Knowing that we knew in order to grow, we needed to look for
a company that could expand our knowledge and push us to a new level of service
for our clients. Keller Williams has it all! Being a national and now international
company there are so many resources for not only our clients but for us to tap into.
This company not only embraces a culture where God, family and then career is
understood, but makes each realtor in their office a Partner.

Aligning with a #1 Real Estate company as well as offering #1 services and tools to
our clients is important to us. We want our clients to know that not only will they
have the BEST Realtors in Massachusetts and Rhode Island but the best back office
out there to support us all whether selling or buying.

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